5 / Beyond the Veil of Lies

Session 5

Theme Song: Jiyuu no Tsubasa – Linked Horizon

Party Members:
Brenna Pravost
Alexander “Pendragon” Ma’Lamuse
Macsen Arkwright (AKA: Grant Wickersham)


New Settlements:

New Locations:

New Items Acquired:

While Brenna, Alexander, and Macsen are on their way to Brigantia, the three decide that it is time to camp and share their own stories. Brenna talks about her parents and how she thought they were dead, but instead they’re working on one of the O’Donnell farms to pay off their overwhelming debt. Brenna is happy about the fact that they’re alive, but wishes they didn’t have to work off such a staggering amount of money. Macsen shares with Brenna that he also has a “bond” with the O’Donnell family in way of being framed for the murder of their men. Macsen speaks about a man named Jean Dasch who has framed Macsen for the murders he committed. Alexander finally shares his own backstory, what Macsen and Brenna had been wondering about for a while now. Alexander tells the story of his family in Lemavi and how the town was ruled by bandits. He also speaks on the townsfolk’s rebellion and how they were all slaughtered except for him. After the three had settled, they slept for the night ever closer as friends.

The long road to Brigantia passed without hindrance and the three arrived safely. Macsen went to the library in search of information regarding the curse of Old King Vortigern and a spooky, lithe figure that followed him. Macsen stumbles upon some old books, but finds nothing particularly relevant to his plight. Upon requesting help from Maicah, she has Emilio write up a letter regarding Macsen’s permissions to sift through the books in Brigantia’s famous Archives. Macsen goes to the Archives to search further for the information regarding Vortigern and this strange being, and finds little more than history books regarding the castle itself and Vortigern’s history as a mad king. Macsen asks a librarian Nöt Impôrtænt for help in his search. Nöt Impôrtænt brings out an ancient-looking book as a reference. Nöt Impôrtænt states that he has been researching strange phenomena such as Macsen’s curse for years, but has never personally encountered the being that haunts Macsen himself nor does he have relevant information regarding the significance of the number three. Macsen thanks Nöt Impôrtænt for his time and promises to take note of whatever this creature may do to further Nöt Impôrtænt’s research.

While Brenna went off to look for Seimon and N’Arak, Alexander went to check up on King Alroy, Prince Donovan, and his fellow Kingsguard. Alexander goes to his room in the Barracks to fetch his spare suit of armor to replace the shambled armor he’s currently wearing. A squire carries off the shambled armor to the Royal Smith for repair, along with Gol’Dar’s Gauntlet for cleaning. Alexander asks around for Donovan and is pointed in the direction of Donovan’s private quarters, where he’s frantically writing and sifting through sheets of papyrus calculating budgets. Donovan gives Alexander a brotherly hug upon realizing who he is, and speaks about the happenings in the Capital on Alexander’s request. Alexander also asks Donovan if he has noticed his father acting strangely, but Donovan had noticed nothing of the sort since his dad had only been back for a day from a long journey. Donovan points Alexander to the Mess Hall, where Alroy is eating his dinner alone. Alexander and Alroy speak on Alroy’s travels and other small talk, then Alroy takes his leave for bed. Strangely enough to Alexander, Alroy has guards escorting him, something that isn’t normal for him. Alexander peers through the shard of the Lens of Revelations and discovers that Alroy has a strange purple aura around him, a sign of an Aberration. Alexander then heads toward the Inn to call upon Lord Caiden and the Vermilion Jackals to share what he’d discovered. Caiden and Alexander discuss several plans, but ultimately decide that it’d be best to include Brenna, Macsen, and Black Dawn in their plans. The group in its entirety meet three days later to discuss a course of action for defeating whatever Alroy had become.

During the meeting, the group discussed multiple plans of action spanning from a subtle coup to an all-out frontal assault. Though, the group decides to have a Ball instead. Making sure the entire group knows the layout of the castle, Alexander and Caiden position the Jackals for ambush while the others participate in the ball itself. Brenna is to dance with Alroy and subtly use the Lens of Revelations to cut him mid-dance. Macsen will be the doctor that treats Alroy, getting into his room for emergency care. Alexander participated by being the lead in playing a sick tune on his saxophone with Emilio surprisingly hitting the vocals. Brenna was successful in her ruse and she, Alexander, and Macsen all run to assist Alroy in his “time of need”. The three walk to Alroy’s room and are stopped by two Kingsguard, who won’t let any of them though for any reason. The three eventually convince the guards to step aside to examine Alroy for themselves. Macsen shoves the other physician aside to inspect Alroy for himself and discovers that Alroy has already developed a festering wound where the cut was. In an attempt to knock him unconscious, Macsen tries to convince Alroy to drink a concoction but Alroy refuses wholeheartedly and becomes increasingly angry. Alexander notices that it is unusual for Alroy to have such little patience and attempts to calm him down, being thrown across the room in the process. That’s when Alroy begins his vile transformation into his true from, the Kingswalker. The creature admits to have been wearing Alroy’s skin for the past fifteen years and proceeds to attack Alexander, Macsen, and Brenna in an attempt to kill them to keep its secret.

The battle rages as Alexander, Brenna, Macsen, and now Maicah try to defend themselves against this horrific monstrosity. Brenna makes a run for it to fetch Caiden and the Jackals to help evacuate the people after warning Emilio and Dunban of the fight. After what seems like hours of fighting, Maicah is slashed in twain. Before the party can mourn her, the Kingswalker begins to make its escape. Using his quick wit, Macsen uses his Tetherband to keep the creature in place. Caiden has his men evacuate the people while he rushes to the group’s side. After he enters, the Kingswalker begins to mention that he knows a secret of Caiden’s and Alroy’s between them and their father. The Kingswalker speaks about the events that happened at Alexander’s hometown, Lemavi, and how the events there were no accident. Caiden desperately tries to keep the Kingswalker from speaking as the Kingswalker mentions that King Gallagher had another child other than the Twins. He speaks of a child between King Gallagher and “an Elven whore” that needed to be hidden away for the sake of the King’s reputation. The Kingswalker mentions that Alexander is the King’s Bastard, the Firstborn Son, and Rightful Heir to the Cenel Connaillian Throne. Although his heart beats through his chest, Alexander shakes off his feelings and declares that no matter what has happened in the past, his loyalty will remain with the Gallagher family even moreso now that he knows the truth. The Kingswalker makes its escape and the group is left to mourn Maicah’s death, Emilio hysterical with sorrow and tears. Macsen then turns to his haunt with a theory in mind speaking the words “I wish this had never happened to her”, hoping to see some form of reaction from the creature.



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