6 / Family/I'll Miss You

Session 6

Theme Song: Return of the King – The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King OST

Party Members:
Lord Alexander “Pendragon” Ma’Lamuse Gallagher
Brenna Pravost
Macsen Arkwright (AKA: Grant Wickersham)


New Settlements:

New Locations:

New Items Acquired:

As the first battle with the Kingswalker ends, Brenna, Macsen, and Alexander give chase to the creature as it escapes through a hole it created in the wall. The three head up toward the roof to gain a vantage point in order to track the horrid aberration. Brenna is able to spot the creature heading into the woods between the castle and the town and warns Alexander and Macsen. Alexander then grabs Macsen and uses Gol’Dar’s Gauntlet to grip the wall so the two of them could land safely on the ground and give chase once again.

Alexander and Macsen finally catch up to the Kingswalker after it had fled into the back alleys of the city. The Kingswalker protected itself by mind-controlling the three Kingsguard that had rescued Alexander in the past. Begrudgingly, Alexander rushes into the fray in an attempt to keep Macsen and civilians from harm. Macsen takes on two of the controlled Town Guards successfully on his own. Brenna joins the fray shortly after the fight starts and is able to take on a Kingsguard on her own while also firing arrows into the Kingswalker. Alexander falls in battle right as Lord Caiden shows up with three Vermilion Jackals at his side. Two of the Jackals take care of the Kingsguard that downed Alexander while Caiden and a Jackal nicknamed Batman take on the Kingswalker. In the middle of the fight, something surprising occurs, the Zweihounder joins the battle and awaits the orders of Brenna after ripping apart the Kingsguard that threatened her. Brenna gives the Zweihounder the kill command targeting the Kingswalker. The Zweihounder gleefully takes the Kingswalker in its jaws and pulls the Kingswalker apart starting from its legs. It promptly leaves after the fight; taking bits and pieces of the Kingswalker with it, presumably to consume them.

Once Alexander comes to, he and Caiden decide that it’s time to inform Donovan about what has been going on in the kingdom. Donovan is skeptical to learn that his father was dead and had been taken over by such a vile creature. Caiden and Alexander take Donovan to see what remains of the Kingswalker. Macsen manages to find Alroy’s necklace on the Kingswalker while inspecting it remains and provides the evidence to Donovan. After Donovan’s mourning, Caiden and Alexander also inform him about the familial predicament. Donovan is still saddened, but relieved to find that he has more family than he thought.

After a few long talks, the group decides to tell the people of Brigantia what has transpired. They provide the corpse of the Kingswalker and their noble word as evidence. The people seem confused at first but accept the information as it is, trusting in the Gallagher name. Alexander decides it it time for him to resettle in Brigantia, feeling guilty that all of this madness transpired as he left from the city on his quest. He stays with his newfound family, never forgetting what the Ma’Lamuses did for him and what they meant. The Kingdom of Cenel Conaill now has a new King, Donovan, with his newfound uncle Alexander as his Military Adviser and Lord/Uncle Caiden as his Financial and Foreign Adviser. Before Macsen and Brenna have a chance to leave Brigantia on their journey, Alexander gives orders to outfit them in the best armor they can conceivably wear created by Brigantian military craftsmen. Brenna and Macsen say goodbye, but not farewell, to Alexander; wishing him luck with his new place in the world.



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