1 / The Doctor, the Thief, and the Kingsguard

Session 1

Theme Song: The Battle – Harry Gregson-Williams

Party Members:
Macsen Arkwright
Brenna Pravost
Alexander “Pendragon” Ma’Lamuse

Brandon Glyndwr
Bandit Leader

New Settlements:

New Locations:
Fort Caderyn
Macsen’s Shack
Coslett Mansion

New Items Acquired:
Unknown Magitech Item

During the late morning, Brenna is out on a scavenger hunt. Hearing voices not too far away, she sneaks her way through the brush and spots a small group of bandits murdering a man in cold blood. As they walk away to mumbling about an object, Brenna checks on the man hoping for signs of life only to be disappointed. On her way back to town to inform the guards Brenna stumbles upon a sack containing what she can only assume was what the men were looking for. As she pockets the Unknown Magitech Item, the bandits have snuck behind her, inquiring about the object. Brenna panics and flees and the bandits begin to chase. Brenna quickly flees to the open plain and runs across the path of Alexander, a Kingsguard who was traveling on horseback with men he met on his way to Callaecia. Alexander, upon seeing this girl fleeing from her oppressor’s joins the chase. When the bandits notice that Alexander is a Kingsguard, one of them attempts to jump on his horse. Alexander deftly takes control of the reigns and turns quickly enough to throw the man off of his horse and continues to run toward Brenna. Upon catching up with Brenna, Alexander lifts her up onto his horse and asks just what she had stolen to make five men chase her. The other bandits begin to catch up and Brenna is able to fire an arrow into one of their legs, slowing him down. The other bandits separate and flee the scene. Alexander and Brenna return to the man who got thrown off and Alexander heals his wound just enough to stop his bleeding. Brenna is shocked and asks for an explanation, but Alexander offers nothing of the sort.

Alexander and Brenna take the man who got thrown off the horse to a local doctor by the name of Macsen. When they arrive, Macsen attempts to ignore Brenna’s pleas to enter his old shack. Alexander commands him to open the door by order of the King’s Guard, and therefore Macsen had to comply. After Macsen finishes resetting and sewing up the bandit’s leg, Alexander uses his ability to heal the man’s leg once again. Brenna again demands an explanation and Macsen explains that some men of the Knight’s Guard are Paladins, warriors of light that have the ability to heal and protect. After a rather detailed explanation of Paladins and their abilities, Macsen identifies the object as something related to Arcanite. After acquiring this knowledge, both Macsen and Brenna become interested in the item and where it comes from. While discussing their curiosities, the bandits attack and break into Macsen’s home.

The battle persisted until the bandits were either all unconscious or had fled the scene. Alexander and the others try to interrogate them to no avail and simply call in some of the towns guard to take them to jail. When Brenna tells Alexander about the dead man in the woods, he leaves to go fetch the body to give the man his last rites and to notify his family while Brenna and Macsen go to search around where she found the Unknown Magitech Item. Alexander finds the man’s body and wraps it in his cloak while Brenna and Macsen find nothing of interest. Brenna and Macsen begin making their way toward Callaecia, a small town on a lake. As Brenna and Macsen arrive in town, Brenna stops to ask one of the town guard, Brendan, about the large group of travelers wearing similar clothes to those of the bandits. Brendan talks about how the town has had an influx of these immigrants in the past few days, but with a lack of information on them it could only be assumed they’re just travelers and those who attacked them were simply bad eggs. Alexander catches up and proceeds to ask him if he knows the dead man at all. Brendan responds with a shake of his head and suggests asking the other townsfolk or just taking him to the guards to let them bury him. Alexander asks around town and eventually hands the body over to the guards to be buried. Afterward, Alexander asks the guards if they had heard anything about the Vermilion Jackals, a rebel group who believes Caiden Gallagher should be king in place of Alroy Gallagher. The guards state that they’ve heard nothing about any rebels and Alexander gives up the questioning. Brenna goes around and begins to snoop the conversations of the immigrants, but finds no important information. The crowd begins to head towards the lake and Alexander follows though the crowd. When Alexander uses his Detect Evil and Good spell, a man with shaggy brown hair is labeled Evil and Alexander calmly pursues him. The man begins crossing the lake and Alexander follows him as they both enter the ruins of an old stronghold, Fort Caderyn. Alexander is then ambushed by the shaggy haired man and a group of his friends. Brenna and Macsen come to the rescue and assist Alexander in the fight for a victory and capture half of the bandits and their leader.

Alexander interrogates the bandits and demands information on the Vermilion Jackals. As it turns out, the bandits know nothing about any group by that name and Alexander offers mercy in exchange for cooperation. The bandit leader informs the group of a letter in his back pocket, Brenna searches the bandit and finds said letter stating that they were on a manhunt for someone by the name of Macsen Arkwright, and a peculiar circular object, by a family named the O’Donnells. Macsen immediately recognizes not only his own name, but the O’Donnells name, and attempts to flee the scene. In an effort to keep Macsen from fleeing Brenna chases Macsen outside and begins to beg and plead with him to explain and stay as Alexander grabs the boat Macsen tried to escape on. In their bickering; Alexander, Macsen, and Brenna fail to notice that the town of Callaecia had gone up in flames.

As Alexander, Macsen, and Brenna get back to town, they notice that horsemen in heavy armor have begun marching into to town. The town guard’s vain attempt at fending them off gets them slaughtered, but the armored men seem to have no interest in killing innocent civilians, only those who oppose them. The men on horseback turn to notice Alexander and give chase to kill a man of the King’s Guard. Macsen and Brenna are able to get on Alexander’s steed as they flee from the men straight to Macsen’s shack. Brenna looses arrows into the men’s horses to slow them down, knocking a couple of the horses down and the men off their steeds. The group gets back to Macsen’s house when Brenna mentions wanting to check on the Coslett Household, the family she’s been protecting for years. Alexander offers to rush over and check up on the family and finds that they are safe and discussing laying down all arms in front of the oppressors. Meanwhile, Macsen sifts through his personal belongings to grab the Unknown Magitech Item and his own supplies, and proceeding to set the shack ablaze to cover his tracks. They all meet up on the road and begin to head toward the capital of Cenel Conaill, Brigantia, to warn King Alroy and the King’s Guard of the impending rebel attack. The group decides that it would be best to rest nearby with the day they just had, and settle on making camp in the ruins of Fort Caderyn.



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