2 / Vile Creatures, an Ancient Man, and a Strange Machine

Session 2

Theme Song: Vegnagun Awakens – FFX-2 OST

Party Members:
Alexander “Pendragon” Ma’Lamuse
Brenna Pravost
Macsen Arkwright

Ian Murdock

New Settlements:

New Locations:
Underground Cavern

New Items Acquired:
Cold, Non-Reflective, Broken Sword
Broken Techbow
Strange Mushroom Samples
Grasping Moss (Grasping Marauder) Samples

The party walks into Fort Caderyn from their camp nearby. The party finds some strange mushrooms inside of the fort. After inspecting the mushrooms Macsen collects some for experimentation. The party explores the first floor of Fort Caderyn and comes upon four small doors, one large door at the end of the hallway, and two staircases. When checking the doors Brenna hears something walking behind one of the doors and goes upstairs to peek through the rubble. Brenna an abomination like nothing she’s ever seen before and calls Macsen to help her try to identify the beast. Neither of them have idea what this monstrosity could be. Avoiding confrontation, they leave the room and begin to inspect the other doors downstairs. Alexander is left downstairs to guard the door the creature is in. Brenna stumbles upon a room of undead creatures, some covered in moss. She immediately backs out and Macsen calls Alexander, as the creatures attack. During the battle the party discovers some of these creatures have the ability to control the moss around them, grabbing and slowing them. Despite being outnumbered they manage to defeat them, but not without injury. Macsen goes to check on the abomination from the floor below, worried about the noise they’ve just made and is dragged down. Alexander and Brenna position for a fight, Brenna shooting from the rubble above and Alexander barreling through the door below.

After the encounter Macsen proceeds to examine the body and take samples. Brenna goes back to the room the undead were in and sees something move out of the corner of her eye. After panicking and calling for help, Macsen comes into the room and lifts the bed, finding a sickly man. Macsen cleans and dresses the mans wounds, breaking down the bed and turning into a gurney for Alexander to carry him back to camp. The man says his name is Ian Murdock, and informs them there is someone still in the Fort named Charlotte that he refuses to leave without. Macsen continues conversing with Ian, who reveals he is Jugdrali, and thus very far away from his home. The group goes to search for Charlotte, and leaves Alexanders horse with Ian to keep him safe. Inside, Brenna finds a dark tower with a stone staircase and at the top, the roof of Fort Caderyn littered with shadowed figures, one standing around 7 feet tall with a bow even larger than him. She immediately heads down, saving the fight for another time but informing her friends. The group heads to the second floor and heads to large door after clearing the moss. Brenna picks the lock and when they open the door are affronted by the creature believed to be the origin of the moss covering Fort Caderyn and more undead under it’s control. It is at this time the party also realizes the mushrooms around the Fort were working as an alarm system.

After the battle, Alexander, Brenna, and Macsen explore what remains of the second floor. They discover a hidden passage behind the bookshelf in the King’s Chambers. The passage takes them from the King’s Chambers to the Throne Room, which was behind the previous door they couldn’t open on the first floor. Behind the throne, Brenna discovers a small indention and presses a button inside. Beneath the throne lay another hidden passage with a ladder leading down. When the group all reaches the bottom of the ladder, they find themselves in what seems like a storage basement. A large statue of a Knight stands before them, greatmaul in hand. Nobody knows just what this knight is, but upon closer inspection and study, Macsen discrens that the knight is made of ancient Magitech. Macsen states that this Magitech may even predate Jugdralian magitech, something ancient in nature. As Alexander approaches, the knight makes an advance of its own with arm outstretched, seemingly asking for something. Macsen hands over the Magitech Object they had previously found.

The Magitech Knight proceeds to use the object to open the door to a vast tunnel and cave system. An elevator then takes the party down to what equates to a large underground island; in the middle stands a large machine. Curious at what this machine can do, Macsen begins to fiddle around with it while Alexander and Brenna explore the cavern. Macsen places his hand on the surface of the machine and it lights up, revealing a lever to his right. He calls the party over and pulls the lever, activating some kind of function that shakes the earth beneath them. Hoping that this wasn’t also affecting Fort Caderyn and Callaecia, Alexander and Brenna rush back up to the surface only to be stopped by a strange hooded figure.

The magitech door shuts behind them and the knight hands Brenna the magitech item and guards the path yet again as they follow this hooded figure down a side tunnel, hoping Macsen isn’t trapped in the cavern for eternity. The figure reveals that his name is N’Arak, and that he has been here since The War of Might and Magic. Brenna and Alexander question N’Arak about his past and he seems to not be able to remember everything. N’Arak thanks Alexander and Brenna for clearing out the monsters that kept him trapped in Fort Caderyn, and gifts them with a strange wristband from his massive pile of collected items and knickknacks. Brenna dons the band but can’t seem to work it and upon asking N’Arak, he has no advice to give because he doesn’t even know what it is. After further conversing with N’Arak, Alexander and Brenna learn that N’Arak was a soldier that died in the War of Might and Magic, but has been revived and given eternal(?) life by some unknown force. Meanwhile, Macsen tries to figure out if there is a way to shut down the massive machine, to no avail. After inspecting and fiddling with as much as he can, Macsen decides it’s time for a strategic retreat before things get any uglier than what they already are. Macsen rides the elevator up to the magitech door, but discovers he cannot open it by his hands. So instead he uses one of his magitech tools, tracing the same pattern the knight used to open it and opens the door for himself. The knight moves out of his way and closes the door to the chambers after Macsen has left. Macsen meets up with the rest of the party outside of Fort Caderyn, where they speak to Ian about what they’ve found and what N’Arak has given them in return for clearing the place of monsters.



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