Alexander "Pendragon" Ma'Lamuse Gallagher

A scarred and honorable man.



Theme Song: Brick Ballades – Big O

Race: Half-Elf
Occupation: Once Proud Knight of the King’s Guard, now Military Adviser to King Donovan
Class: Paladin (Lvl 7) that has taken the Oath of the Crown
Titles: Knight-Templar, Ser, Kingsguard, Savior of Novium, Lord, Uncle
Age: 46
Height: 6’4"
Weight: 211 lbs
Physical Description:
A man of large stature, he stands over six feet tall and just over two-hundred pounds of muscle and sinew. Scars from his past litter his entire body, the result of absurd and grotesque lashings and beatings he has taken. Although he is half Elf, he lacks a few of the prominent physical features of the Elven race. He does not lack these features by any natural or genetic means. Closer inspection reveals that his ears and nose were physically ground down to be more human-esque, although he retains an angular jaw. As often as he could, he wore his armor in order to cover his bodily and facial scars; but after the hospitality and acceptance of the people of Novium, he no longer fears the judgment. After a run-in with the fabled Zweihounder, Alexander lost use of his left eye; his eye now scarred over from the battle. During the battle with the Kingswalker, Alexander completely lost use of his left arm from the elbow down. He decided to not have the arm amputated and instead keeps it in a sling.


Alexander Ma’Lamuse, born to Veronica (Human) and Shin’Tai (Elf) Ma’Lamuse, lived in the small town of Lemavi. A small town that was far too often raided and threatened by bandits. Alexander grew up fearing these men and women that would often come to take what wasn’t theirs as a “Protection payment”. The town itself was left just enough to survive. At times, these bandits would burn down newly-constructed houses to prevent overpopulation and to keep the townsfolk living in fear. For one week, and one week only, the raids and payments stopped. The bandits had seemingly left; gone to harass another town, so they had hoped. In order to defend themselves from future raiders and bandits, the people of Lemavi went off to acquire weapons. To their dismay, the bandits returned. In an outrage toward the peoples’ arming themselves, the bandits attacked. Alexander’s parents had had enough of this harassment and abuse and took up arms alongside the other members of the town. They told Alexander to hide in his room and to not come out unless they said it was okay. It was a slaughter. The bandits’ fighting experience and numbers won them a total victory over the townsfolk. Everyone that wasn’t a young woman or a small child was killed. They found Alexander hiding in his room and dragged him out into the street. They took whetstones and rocks and began to grind down his pointed ears and nose. These bandits also took it upon themselves to whip and cut his body. All the while, they yelled at and berated him for his parents starting a revolt. He was being punished for his parents attempting to defend themselves and their people. He narrowly escapes the night watch and runs off down the roads, only to get lost and wander for days not knowing where he was. Men of the Gallagher King’s Guard were patrolling and saw this young Alexander lying bloody and beaten in the road ahead. They sought medical assistance for him and stayed by his side. After learning just who these men were, who they served, and what they stood for, Alexander knew what he wanted to do. He pledged the Oath of the Crown to King Gallagher at the age of 15 and remains loyal to the family this day, remembering all the while the honor and loyalty his parents had to have in sacrificing their lives to protect their people and their home.


He once again resides in Brigantia along with his brother and his nephew: Caiden and Donovan, respectively. After having encountered and killed the Kingswalker after being told he was King Gallagher’s bastard son, Alexander decided to stay with his new family to prevent such a thing from happening again. Alexander is now the Military Adviser for King Donovan; also alongside him, Caiden is the Financial and Foreign Adviser. Together, as a family, the three run Cenel Connaill as a unit.
He will never forget what Veronica and Shin’Tai Ma’Lamuse did for him and honors their names to this day, creating a shrine for his foster parents.



Pendragon is a very stoic and stubborn man, until people get close to him. He believes that second chances are meant for ones that can prove themselves trustworthy and loyal by taking responsibility for any wrongdoings. Alexander will do anything for his King within reason and to the benefit of the people. Although he is skeptical of people at first, he will quickly warm up to those that he spends his days with; and he protects those that are close to him with his life. He takes his Oath very seriously and gets irritated if someone questions his tenants, because he feels it is an attack on his honor.


Alroy Gallagher (Deceased Brother)
Caiden Gallagher (Brother)
Donovan Gallagher (Nephew)
Brenna Pravost (Friend)
Macsen Arkwright (Friend)

Alexander "Pendragon" Ma'Lamuse Gallagher

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