Alroy Gallagher

Current ruler of Cenel Conaill



Race: Human
Occupation: King of Cenel Conaill
Titles: The Verdant Wolf, The People’s King, The Shepherd
Age: 44
Height: 6’ 2"
Weight: 170
Physical Description: Alroy is a human male with brown, side swept hair and bright blue eyes with a medium build. He stands confidently but does not intimidate, making him feel very approachable.


Born in the capital city of Brigantia, Alroy grew up within the castle walls, sheltered from the events of the normal people. He chose to walk among them in disguise for many weeks to make a connection to his future subjects, much to the chagrin of his father.

Alroy is the twin brother of Caiden Gallagher. When they came of age, Alroy was given the right to rule as his brother did not prove himself to be mature enough to rule. His brother has since left the kingdom, angry at his brother for taking what he believed to be his own. Rumors have spread that his brother is leading a rebellion to take back the kingdom with the group called the Vermilion Jackals.

These days, Alroy prefers to visit the various villages along the Viridian Highway when possible. As sitting in his castle makes him become stir crazy, meeting with people in their own homes has both occupied his time and allowed him to bond with his people and proactively determine what his kingdom needs. His son, Donovan Gallagher, practices managing the kingdom while his father is away.

Although untested in a true war, Alroy is a master Cenel Conallian swordsman, preferring to utilize unarmed attacks and grapples while utilizing a broadsword to force foes to submit. The style is his own, being developed to defeat opponents in one-on-one duels.



Alroy is a kind and generous man, his humility and down-to-earth personality garnering much love from his people. He has proven over time to be a competent ruler in the face of adversity. After ascending to the throne, Alroy chose to focus his efforts on his own kingdom. This does not mean he has neglected his foreign policy, as he takes care to respect and honor any agreements with other nations.


Although they share a very strong familial bond, Alroy’s son, Donovan, tends to become rather annoyed at his habit of leaving the castle so often. He is very charismatic, having become close to many of the noble houses of various kingdoms. He is quite close to the Braxton house, including the current Ironfist Warlord, Mercedes Braxton. He is on good terms with Kieran Lombardi and Mevin Scherzinger, the rulers of Pellucidar and Avalon, and tries his best to befriend Erhard von Gaiseric, although his progress on that endeavor is painfully slow due to the aftershocks of the War of Might and Magic.

Alroy Gallagher

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