Brenna Pravost



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Race: Human
Class: Coslett Retainer
Titles: Savior of Novium
Age: 25
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 145
Physical Description: Brenna has a lithe and firm body, her bronzed complexion freckled with nicks and scars from her training.


Gervasio and Catrin Pravost moved from their homes in Callaecia, Cenel Conaill to Adama, Alfitaria at the ages of 23 and 21. With a yearning for adventure and an eye for investment, they used their experience from their family owned farms to run one of their own, knowing Alfitaria didn’t have many locally. Three years after they started their business, they also started their family, giving birth to a young girl that they named Brenna. Their business was flourishing and they spoiled Brenna, the only hard work she ever had was her weapon training. They got used to living a lavish life, which made the slow death of their farmland even more devastating to deal with. Gervasio and Catrin began to take out loans from a less than reputable family to fund their lifestyle. After years of these loans they realized that this mass of money was not something they would reasonably be able to pay as their lands were not recovering. It wasn’t until Brenna, at the age of 10, found out as her mother quickly rushed her to the docks, with just a bag of her belongings and two letters, one for the crew and one to Gervasio’s brother, Cristoval in Cenel Conaill.

Brenna spent over a month at sea, surrounded by strangers, men she only knew from their interactions with her parents. She was a 10 year old girl, working hard just to eat for the first time in her life, and her previous life was in ruins. The crew did their best to keep her in good spirits, teaching her songs, dances, and stories of the sea. After her arrival in Cenel Conaill, Brenna found her way to her families farm, her only means of identification was the letter her mother gave her. The letter was addressed to her uncle Cristoval and his wife Lavena, explaining their debt, the danger, and why Brenna was on their doorstep.

It didn’t take long for Brenna to take comfort in her new family, it took her some time to get accustomed to life on the farm but she was more than willing to work hard and earn her stay. She would practice with her archery by hunting or with homemade targets, and her swordsmanship with bored guards. It didn’t take long before she took it upon herself to try and guard her local area herself, wandering the outskirts and the city before it became too dark.

At the age of 17 Brenna was approached by the Coslett family, an up an coming noble house. They were looking to find someone to their only child, Seimon’s, personal guard, nothing too serious but they needed someone able, and close to his age in hopes he might have a genuine companion. Brenna took the job, her first outside of the farm and 8 years later is as close to the Coslett family as she is her own. Brenna spends the time she isn’t with Seimon in local bars and inns to get the latest scoops on dangerous activity or wandering the city as she did when she was a girl.




Gervasio & Catrin Pravost

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Brenna Pravost

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