Caiden Gallagher

Twin brother of Alroy Gallagher



Race: Human
Occupation: Leader of the Vermilion Jackals
Titles: The Scarlet Jackal
Age: 44
Height: 6’ 2"
Weight: 170
Physical Description:
Caiden is a human male with messy brown hair and sad, blue eyes. While physically identical to Alroy Gallagher, his face conveys great determination and maturity past his unkempt beard.


Caiden is the twin brother of Alroy Gallagher, born slightly before Alroy in the capital city of Brigantia. He spent a happy childhood playing within the castle walls in between his schooling sessions. While Alroy was known to scale the walls to spend time with the people of his city, Caiden was a mischievous soul, running amuck like a force of nature when given the opportunity.

When they both became of age, their father announced that Alroy would be inheriting the throne intended for Caiden. When he asked why, his father scolded him for being immature and uncaring of his people. Feeling betrayed, Caiden soon left the castle in secret, saying farewell to his brother at the castle gate as he rode off to parts unknown.

In recent years, a group of anti-government rebels calling themselves the Vermilion Jackals claim to be working to remove Alroy from the throne and installing Caiden, the true king, as the ruler of Cenel Conaill.



Caiden has not been seen in the public eye for many years. Presumably, he travels in disguise or under a persona when moving in between towns. From his early years, however, Caiden was known to have very intense emotions. He lived a wild and carefree childhood, always looking for the next adventure.

When seen after the Battle of Novium, Caiden had shown himself to be very serious, a major change since he was last seen. He is a practical and reasonable man, eager to change the future, yet it becomes quite clear that Caiden’s past has ravaged his emotions.


Caiden had a very playful relationship with his brother and genuinely cared for him. Leaving the castle was very hard on him, but his emotional outbursts caused him to leave the castle in a fit, never to return.

Caiden Gallagher

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