Donovan Gallagher

Prince of Cenel Conaill



Race: Human
Occupation: Prince of Cenel Conaill
Titles: The Young King, He Who Wears the Heavy Crown
Age: 20
Height: 5’ 11"
Weight: 165 lbs
Physical Description:


Donovan was born in Brigantia to the Gallagher family. Donovan’s stoicism and initiative showed from an early age as he began to absorb all sources of knowledge around him. As other children played, he practiced swordplay and read many texts. Destined to one day rule Cenel Conaill, Donovan continuously conditioned himself to become a great king, even running affairs while his father is away.



Donovan is a serious man, always working or studying in his free time. His serious personality contrasts with his father’s more charismatic and laid back nature, leading some to say he take after his mother more than Alroy. Donovan’s dedication to ascending to the throne has left him with a touch of social awkwardness, for he has foregone many social gatherings to study in private. Still, Donovan has a strong sense of justice and means well in the end.


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Donovan Gallagher

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