Dristan O'Donnel

A nobleman with voracious ambition.



Theme Song: Pico’s Theme – F-Zero GX

Race: Half-Elf
Occupation: Loan Shark, Money Lender, Financial Adviser
Titles: The Fear, The Hunger
Age: 45
Height: 6’ 2"
Weight: 150 lbs
Physical Description: Dristan stands tall in black garb, with black cloak and silver hair draped over his shoulders. His blue eyes lock on with superhuman ambition, as if ready to devour everything he sets his gaze upon.


Dristan was the first of three sons of Aemon O’Donnel, current head of the O’Donnel household. As the firstborn, Dristan was given the heavy burden of representing the O’Donnel house early on. His strict upbringing was no detriment to him, however, as he quickly came to relish the role of representation. As such, he became an economic mastermind. Some say his quick learning and penchant for stellar investments come from his natural talent, but Dristan trained for many years to reach the level he is currently at.

Dristan became known for his gracious investments and leniency in loan qualifications, putting a little extra into every potential business partner as to build a strong bond. However, those who couldn’t pay back what they had promised soon came to know the wrath of the O’Donnel household. The O’Donnels were known for aggressive yet non-lethal repossession, yet Dristan’s investors were always eager to pay him back, as his repossessions were borderline nightmarish. Many people who couldn’t pay sought to plead with his father directly for mercy or flee and live in hiding. Using his reputation to his advantage, Dristan enjoyed many reimbursements over the years.

Dristan has used his earnings to invest in magitechnical training, utilizing a Pellucadrian magitech gauntlet of a custom design to intimidate and protect.



Dristan is eager to excel in whatever he puts his mind to. He is very prideful or his work and his family and won’t hesitate to unleash his wrath on those who mock either.


Dristan O'Donnel

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