Dunban Dropkick

Grizzled retainer of Maicah de Naeri



Theme Song: Greil Mercenaries – Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

Race: Desert Dwarf
Occupation: Noble Retainer, Mercenary
Titles: The Stalwart, The Mighty, 100-Man Slayer
Age: 266
Height: 5’
Weight: 220 lbs
Physical Description: Dunban stands proudly, his scarred, muscled body chronicling the efforts of his past battles over the decades. His scraggly hair forms a small bun and his large, braided beard covers his face where his bushy eyebrows don’t. With battleaxe on his back and horned helm upon his crown, he walks besides Maicah de Naeri with a watchful eye and a smoking pipe hanging from his old lips.


Born in the harsh desert lands, Dunban was born to a great warrior family. He spent his early days training in desert combat, moving to Alfitaria when he came of age. Eager to make a name for himself, he quickly became a feared Alfitarian warrior, known for never backing down from even the most fearsome of foes. His unmoving composure and stubbornness gained him the title of the Stalwart along with many other titles.

Dunban pursued mercenary work for many years, initially only leaving the lands of Alfitaria to visit his family back in the deserts. He was eventually scouted by a Pellucidarian nobleman of the Naeri house and moved to Pellucidar to act as both a bodyguard and warrior-for-hire.

When the War of Might and Magic began, the Naeri house was one of the many noble families that chose to send their soldiers for coin. Dunban fought for the armies of Alfitaria, both has a brother-in-arms and a sellsword. Stories tell of a hard-headed dwarf who refused to give up one of the many outer fortresses that had become a vital choke point in the eastern battlefields. While many retreated, the dwarf stayed behind, single-handedly turning the tide of the battle by defeating over 100 soldiers.

When the Naeri house chose their representative, Maicah de Naeri, Dunban was chosen as one of her two retainers, the other being Emiio Ensley. Together they formed the company of Black Dawn and set out to protect the innocent from the darkness of the world.



Dunban is an old dwarf at his core, leading to him complaining from how young people act in this new age to his aching muscles. He is, however, always eager to tell people of his past experiences or share a meal with a man, regardless of age or race.

Dunban is very perceptive, as the lessons he has learned come from over 250 years of experience. However, in his old age, once he is distracted, it can sometimes be hard to get him back on course.


Dunban Dropkick

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