Emilio Ensley

Loyal retainer of Maicah de Naeri



Theme Song: Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair – Avi Kaplan/Peter Hollens

Race: High Elf
Occupation: Noble Retainer, Navigator
Titles: The Infatuated, The Infiltrator
Age: 80
Height: 6’ 1"
Weight: 135 lbs
Physical Description: Emilio stands tall and lean, greeting strangers and friends with his signature warm smile. His black hair is tied into a neat ponytail and his are rosy from his slight blush. His eyes are kind, glancing over to check on Lady Maicah every once in a while.


Born of Pellucidarian nobility, young Emilio enjoyed a rather carefree life for many years. One day, he encountered a young Maicah de Naeri as they visited his family. Instantly infatuated, he was eager for her friendship, yet she insisted that he couldn’t due to her status as the Naeri family representative. She joked that maybe he’d be able to work as her retainer one day, which Emilio took seriously. Since then, he trained diligently to become a retainer, practicing swordplay, navigation, wilderness survival, and his specialty, infiltration.

Through years of hard work, Emilio was finally selected to be Maicah’s retainer and joined the Black Dawn company. Since then, he has never left Maicah’s side, eager to win her heart and make her happy for the rest of her days.



Positive – Loyal
Negative – Worrisome
Mask – Friendly

Emilio is very diligent and peppy, always smiling in the darkest of times. Eager to lend a hand, his dedication and self-discipline is unprecedented.


Emilio is very close to the other members of Black Dawn, seeing Dunban Dropkick as his best friend and Maicah de Naeri as his goddess.

Emilio Ensley

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