Ian Murdock

A Jugdrali scientist wandering foreign lands



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Race: Wild Elf
Age: 38
Height: 6’ 3"
Weight: 140 lbs
Physical Description: Ian stands very tall, slender and tidied in strangely formal attire, even during casual events. His meticulousness in his outward appearance shows in the form of his polished shoes, carefully tailored vest and pants, and his long, black hair loosely hanging in a ponytail as it hangs down to the middle of his back. The white sleeves of his undercoat, upon further examination, always appear to produce one or two stray hairs from his beloved cat, Ophelia. While he always smiles and perks up around people, his eyes let across a subtle sadness.


Ian has not revealed much about his past, only that he has studied magitech engineering at a prestigious college at Zaubard, the capital of Jugdral. Ian left for unknown reasons, traveling the roads with his beloved cat Charlotte until he arrived at Fort Caderyn, where he met the party after they saved his life.



Positive – Faithful
Negative – Hesitant
Mask – Sociable


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Ian Murdock

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