Maicah de Naeri

A pilgriming noblewoman with the gift of foresight



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Race: High Elf
Occupation: Noble in training, Pilgrim, Seer
Titles: The Maiden of Dawn, The Prophet
Age: 80
Height: 5’ 10"
Weight: 120 lbs
Physical Description: Maicah resembles a marble statue of a beautiful woman adorned with jet black hair and a naturally annoyed face. Her pristine white garb drape gently over her body as she walks with attitude, commanding the attention of all nearby.


Maicah de Naeri was born with the gift of foresight, able to see into the future. While her foresight can be utilized for small events nearly on command, visions of larger importance usually come to her in bits and pieces or as hazy, unclear messages. Her foresight lead to the decision of Maicah becoming the representative of house Naeri. She spent her childhood training on the Naeri estate in Pellucidar, enjoying a posh lifestyle when not training her ability to call upon visions. During a friendly visit to a family friend, she met young Emilio Ensley, who became determined to win her heart.

When she had become of the predetermined age, Maicah was given the companionship of Emilio Ensley and Dunban Dropkick, two of the Naeri house’s finest retainers, and sent off to journey the world, helping the commonfolk and fighting against dark forces under the name of the Black Dawn company.



Positive – Righteous
Negative – Egotistical
Mask – Uninterested

Maicah is very Pellucidarian in essence, expecting only the finest in what is presented to her all the time. She is impatient, haughty, and sharp-tongued, although a privileged few have caught glimpses of a gentler side of her. Regardless of her current mood or mannerisms, her love of life and righteousness always shines brightly.

Maicah is a firm believer in Triadism and evokes the powers of the gods in order to carry out her wishes to fight the forces of evil.


Maicah can be hard to warm up to due to her personality, yet always manages to charm the commonfolk in one way or another. Emilio Ensley is known to adore Maicah in every sense, worshiping her as a goddess and doing everything he can to be near her. Maicah returns his love with petty insults, yet Emilio does not seem to mind. Deep down, however, she cares for Emilio immensely, yet cannot be in a relationship with him due to her visions being linked to her purity.

While he works purely for the coin, Dunban Dropkick has taken a small liking to Maicah over their journeys, although most of the time they argue about trivial things. While she wouldn’t dare say so aloud, she appreciates Dunban’s dedication to their cause and respects his abilities.

Maicah de Naeri

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