Macsen Arkwright (AKA: Grant Wickersham)

Small-town doctor with rattles coming from his closet.


Theme Song: Hurt – Johnny Cash
Race: Human
Class: Scholar (Physician) 5
Titles: Doctor, Savior of Novium
Age: 45 Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 156 lbs
Physical Description: (searching for decent character art)
Character Sheet

Born and raised in Pellucidar, Macsen led a fairly normal life for the first (almost) thirty years of it. His alma-mater is less than prestigious yet the education was plenty enough to lead him to a life practicing medicine. Dr Arkwright was on his way to a comfortable, if rather boring, life. Then something happened. Local accounts only tell of a tragedy that befell the Arkwright family, claiming the lives of Macsen's wife as well as his only child, a daughter. Official reports are of a housefire, but if one were to poke around the right places a more devious explination may be encountered. Since then Macsen has disappeared from his homeland, five years on the road, traveling and adventuring and running from something (be it his own ghosts or something more tangible) hardened him into an adept adventurer, a mediocre swordsman, and something of a cynic. After this time, Macsen found himself in a small town in Cenel Conail. Small enough that his demons could not find him. He set up practice and has spent the prime of his life soothing fevers and patching up farmhands.


Macsen has something of a sardonic humor, as if he looks at the world like it has lost all meaning. His emotional detachment from the world around him has dulled his appreciation and not really done wonders for his bedside manor. The townsfolk generally avoid associating with him unless they must and Dr. Arkwright is fine with that. The exception to the rule is children. Macsen has shown a softspot for kids, affording them a patience and compassion that he does not commit to his usual patients. This has led to small town rumors that perhaps he had a family of his own at one time, though he has never told anyone of his past.


Since the loss of his family, Macsen has formed no further close relationships. Its doubtful if he is capable of doing so.

Macsen Arkwright (AKA: Grant Wickersham)

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