An egnimatic man cursed with undeath



Theme Song:

Race: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown
Titles: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Height: 6’
Weight: Unknown
Physical Description: N’Arak stands at 6 feet tall, his body covered by heavy robes. The bit of his face that shows reveals his body is covered by dark, slightly opalescent chitinous plates jutting out of his body. N’Arak’s eyes are a dull grey and gold, with his sad and sunken eyes contrasted by a large grimace of jagged teeth. The man, or what used to be a man, walks with a stiff limp as a single, elongated hand with deformed fingers sway with each step.


N’Arak does not remember most of his past. From what he can recall, he was a solider of a forgotten name fighting in a large battle around the area of what would become modern day Callaecia. He was slain in battle, but mysteriously reawoke in a cavern under Fort Caderyn in his current condition. Due to the presence of the Grasping Moss that had infested Fort Caderyn, he could not leave, leaving him trapped under the fort in an underground cave. Direct sunlight also seems to burn N’Arak’s impenetrable platings, leaving the darkness of the night or his cavern the only haven he had.



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