Cenel Conaill


Creed: Unity and Prosperity

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Form of Government: Divine right to throne via bloodline
Noble House: Great House Gallagher
Current Ruler: King Alroy Gallagher
Location: Western Uladh

Kingdom Aspects
Total Population A Excellent
Racial Diversity B Great
Overall Wealth E Bad
Military Strength C Average
Religious Diversity B Great
Magitech Proficiency D Poor

Population: ~250,000 people
Primary Exports: Wheat, Vegetables, Livestock
Primary Imports: Alfitarian Steel, Pellucidarian magitech

Local Regions:
Irian Plains
Griswold Basin
Viridian Highway

Major Settlements:

Description: A kingdom based in green pastures and overwhelming foliage, Cenel Conaill is a kingdom built on the backs of hard-working and honest people. They have an alliance with Alfitaria, promising to lend one another military strength and resources in times of need.

Modern day Cenel Conaill is actually the population from the ancient Alfitarian kingdom that chose to shift their focus from forceful conquest to peaceful living. The warborne Alfitarians, recognizing the peaceful wishes of their population, decided to enact the Cenel Conaill Emancipation, leaving the first Cenel Conaillians on the western continent while moving onto the harsher lands of northern Jugdral, where their lust for adventure and conflict could be satiated.

Cenel Conaill’s population dwarfs the other kingdoms, easily sustaining double the numbers of other nations due to the continents immense flora and extremely bountiful farmland. These farmlands are of such efficacy that not only can they feed larger families, many people make a living shipping their goods to foreign kingdoms. While responsible for a large amount of sustenance in Uladh, many people live choose humble lives as farmers, meaning the standard of living is lower in general terms.

Cenel Conaillians are a very spiritual bunch. Due to their immense population, many people partake in pilgrimages to the kingdom of Avalon where they bring back a large number of cultural quirks. The majority of pilgrimages end in Liberum Lux, although pilgrimages to other Avalonian cities are not unheard of.

Cenel Conaill is also the world leader in both nautical sciences and underground excavation, although the threat of falling off of Uladh prevents more in-depth studies of the depths of both earth and ocean. The trade focused kingdom of Pellucidar often chooses to employ Cenel Conaillian sailors for their skill and efficiency, while Jugdral employs Cenel Conaillian excavation experts in their never ending quest for Arcanite and other exotic minerals from the depths of Uladh. Although enemies of Jugdral in the past, the Cenel Conaillians have chosen a new path in life, going out of their way to foster healthy relationships with every kingdom.

Cenel Conaill

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