God's Cradle


Theme Song: Temple Grounds – Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Located in: Avalon
Nearby Locations: The entirety of the Avalonian kingdom

Description: The God’s Cradle is the name given to the massive mountain ranges that encompass the Avalonian continent. Littered with ancient monuments and runes of the first generations of mankind, the God’s Cradle prevents any entrance into Avalon save for two openings on the eastern and western sides. While people have tried to surmount the perilous mountains, none have proved successful, as the intense steepness of the cliffs thwart modern climbing techniques.

Strangely enough, dangerous beasts are a rarity in these lands. Some theorize that the intense environment has caused the evolution of wildlife that hunt elsewhere or become self-sufficient. Others theorize that the true horrors at the peaks of the mountains keep the lower beasts in check with regular meals, as worn bones and stripped carcasses have been found with no indication of the culprits.

God's Cradle

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