Grasping Moss


Classification Species
Habitat: Irian Plains, Viridian Highway

Description: Grasping Moss is a type of intelligent moss that spreads through moist environments. It has the ability to construct sentries for its domain using reanimated corpses or inanimate objects.

Habitat: Grasping Moss is found in dark and moist environment, such as caves or abandoned structures near lakes or rivers. It originates from a Grasping Hivemind, a large but immobile organism that springs up from a large patch of moss. From there it evolves to reconstitute corpses into undead protectors. If need be, the Hivemind can produce humanoids made entirely from moss, using nearby scraps or branches as a rudimentary endoskeleton. If the resources are plentiful, The Grasping Hivemind also constructs a Grasping Marauder to act as a roaming defender of the territory.


Grasping Hivemind: The Hivemind is a large organism that acts as the central relay system for the Grasping Moss network. The Grasping Moss implants a special kind of fungus and root system that allows it to gather information from distant locations. This allows the Hivemind to detect organisms that come into contact with its moss network and relay the information to nearby sentries to react to the creature’s presence. It also oversees moss production and resource allocation to maximize efficiency and moss coverage. While capable of these tasks, it is hard to gauge the Hivemind’s actual intelligence due to its usual hostility.


Grasping Marauder: The Grasping Marauder is a huge organism of immense physical might the Hivemind only implements if the resources have been accumulated. The Hivemind constructs this from reanimated corpses of various creatures, implementing various tools into its body depending on the organisms used in it’s creation. The Marauder roams the territory, working to mitigate damage from natural sources and leading the attack on hostile or formidable opponents. It attacks with its forelimbs, usually shaped as claws or blades, and appears to be able to use tendrils coming from its facial region to lethally strike an opponent’s vitals if close enough.

Miscellaneous: The Grasping Moss produces a strange mushroom that seems to dance when stimulated. While the Grasping Hivemind uses this as a detection system for its lair, the mushrooms still dance if removed from the moss.

Grasping Moss

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