Griswold Basin


Theme Song: Presentiment – Xenoblade Chronicles

Located in: Northern Cenel Conaill
Nearby Locations: Riasc

Description: Griswold Basin is a region located in Northern Cenel Conaill known for its marsh-like plains and common rainfall. With lands hard to settle into, the region lacks many proper settlements, with the exception being Riasc, located in the center of the marshes. The region also includes the central mountainous areas and the rivers in between the marshes and the mountains.

Griswold Basin was named after Griswold the Great, a legendary Alfitarian warrior said to had inhuman strength and ferocity. Stories of his exploits eventually reached the king, becoming one of his most valued warriors. When he became old, the king granted him the town of Riasc, who named the region after him and his heroism after his death.

Griswold Basin

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