Item Type: Gear, Artifact

Details: Describe the item, hyperlinking to relevant PCs, NPCs, creatures, other events, items, points of interest, or settlements as needed

  • Magical Longsword 1d8 (+1 damage on a hit)
  • Deals 1d4 necrotic damage on a hit
  • May add proficiency bonus to Intimidation checks if not proficient in the skill
  • Murderstroke:
    Once per day, the wielder can allow the energy within Mordhau to siphon power harnessed from a wounded foe and into themselves. Before making an attack roll, the wielder may speak the command word “Murderstroke” and add any number of 1d6 to the damage roll of a single attack, up to 3d6. If the attack reduces a creature to 0 HP, the wielder gains temporary HP equal to the total damage dealt until the wielder takes a long rest, in which the reinforcing energy disappears.
  • Mordhau forces the wielder to feel a sense of overbearing maliciousness coming from the weapon when held. The one holding it feels chills down their spine when picking up Mordhau and those who look at it feel an aura of oppression emanating from the owner.


Uladh Stronger