Old King Vortigern


Theme Song: Gravelord Nito – Dark Souls

Classification Aberrant
Species: Undead
Habitat: Vortigern’s Keep

Description: Old King Vortigern is the spirit of King Vortigern, an ancient king that ruled from the impenetrable walls of Vortigern’s Keep. Riding atop a ghostly horse and donning a glowing golden crown, Vortigern’s ghost haunts the Keep and the area around it, his spirit bound to his blade, the Mordhau.

Physiology: Old King Vortigern is a black and wispful wraith riding atop a shadowy black horse. A glowing, three pointed crown rests atop his head and two green eyes glow from inside his body’s darkness.

Behavior: Old King Vortigern rides around the area of the keep, lashing out at passing travelers for nary a reason. It is said that his soul attacks the living as his own life was cut short by disease, yet the only records that reveal the truth of Vortigern’s demise are guarded by his ghost.



Old King Vortigern

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