Uladh History

Beginning of recorded history

  • The first men are believed to arise in the God’s Cradle in what would eventually become the Avalonian kingdom.

1000 years pass

  • Man has begun to discover and utilize science and technology.

250 years pass

  • A majority of early man leaves the God’s Cradle and begin to migrate into other continents using early nautical technology.
  • The kingdom of Pellucidar is formed by the first to be deemed noble, be it by divine right or self-appointment
  • Arcanite is first discovered by Pelllucidarian entrepreneurs and sold as a medicinal ingredient.
  • The Kingdom of Jugdral is formed by nomads on the northeastern continent
  • The first world map is agreed upon. The world is deemed a floating disc in a bottomless void and given the named Uladh.

300 years pass

  • Jugdrali researchers first successfully harness Arcanite into machinery, creating the first magitech devices
  • The Kingdom of Alfitaria is formed on the western continent. The presence of Conaillian iron and ample natural resources sends Alfitaria into an economic boom, greatly expanding their territory into the western continent.

100 years pass

  • Jugdral’s application of magitech and eventual invasion of Alfitarian lands incites The War of Might and Magic begins. Alfitaria defeats Jugdral and claims their northern lands.
  • The kingdom of Avalon is officially formed despite previous occupation for thousands of years due to stimulation of local economy.
  • The Mandate of Heaven is signed and Avalon begins their religious pilgrimages into other kingdoms. Formal slavery is abolished as writ by the gods of Avalon.

20 years pass

Modern day Uladh

Uladh History

Uladh Stronger