War of Might and Magic


Theme Song: Dungeon Exploring 2 – Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven

Details: The War of Might and Magic was a conflict between kingdoms involving territory and ethical differences in the uses for Arcanite. The armies of Cenel Conaill and Alfitaria fought against Judgral. Jugdral also utilized Pellucidarian mercenaries. Although Pellucidar had no desire for direct involvement, they sat on the sidelines and watched for any opportunities to arise. The events after the war also contributed to the formal establishment of the kingdom of Avalon.

During this time period, the Judgrali empire stretched across to encompass modern day Judgral and Alfitaria, while modern day Cenel Conaill was still under the rule of the Alfitarians. The Judgrali empire had provoked a military response from the Alfitarians by invading the eastern most peninsula of the western continent in search for the newly discovered Arcanite. The Alfitarian empire fiercely retaliated at the potential for losing the eastern region and at the threat of encountering new magitech weaponry, a budding new technology that had already shown to have devastating potential. Judgral utilized great devices powered by the new mineral to rend the earth and flatten mountains, a feat previously only thought possible by the gods themselves.

After many years of fierce battle, the Judgrali empire had been repelled off of Alfitarian shores and forced all the way back to their own borders, leading the Judgrali leaders to begrudgingly call for a surrender. As reparations for the war, Judgral was to surrender their northern continent to the Alfitarian empire as well as pay colossal sums of money. Alfitaria then heavily restricted magitech usage within its borders, choosing to closely monitor the production of Arcanite.

While united under a single name, the Alfitarians were a people of duality. One half thrived in chaos and battle while the other proved to be more focused on peace and expansion into uncharted territories on the western continent. After the war, Alfitarian nobles felt it respectful to grant the people their wish to distance themselves from war by signing The Cenel Conaill Emancipation, giving birth to the western kingdom of Cenel Conaill. The Alfitarians opted to occupy the northeastern continent, what used to be the northern territory of the Judgrali empire, as the region proved to satiate their unending urges for conflict and adventure. This also left both kingdoms in an advantageous position to assault Judgral on both sides, an enormous boon to those now paranoid of Judgral’s actions.

Although their mercenaries fought for Judgrali motives, Pellucidar opted to establish safer trade routes in the oceans north of Pellicudar. This proved to benefit all of the northern kingdoms as trade was much quicker and efficient sailing through calmer, Pellucidarian waters. Of course, these routes happened to sail very close to Pellucidarian port cities, who exploded in economic growth thanks to the increased traffic in the area.

Pellucidarian nobles also agreed to assist Judgral in paying their wartime reparations, winning over some favor from the Judgrali Praetor and his people before his son, Erhard von Gaiseric, ascended to the throne. The increased number of people traveling in the northern seas also contributed to the development and formal establishment of the kingdom of Avalon, although people have been inhabiting the lands for ages before the war.

War of Might and Magic

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