Theme Song: Nono Oruga/Kamu Orugaron – Monster Hunter Frontier Season 6.0

Classification: Aberrant
Species: ?
Habitat: Irian Plains

Description: The Zweihounder is a beast rumored to inhabit the woods north of the towns of Callaecia and Novium. The warnings come regularly from locals, being a well-known story often overheard by Brenna Pravost while roaming the area.

Physiology: The Zweihounder has rarely been seen by those still alive, but those who’ve met its gaze say it resembles a massive wolf with the heads of two ferocious wolves that stands 10 to 15 feet tall.

Behavior: Unknown

Combat: The Zweihounder is thought to be a swift pack hunter, as the few eye witness accounts state it hunted with packs of smaller wolves. Whether the wolf pack hunts with the Zweihounder willingly or not is unknown.



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