The first in centuries



Theme Song: Wandering Flame – Final Fantasy X OST
Race: Dragonborn (Blue Lineage)
Occupation: None
Class: Barbarian (Totem Warrior) 7
Titles: None
Age: 18
Height: 7’2"
Weight: 307 lbs
Physical Description:

Beast stands at a massive 7’2". His height is only matched by his sheer muscle mass, blue scales covering his body with pale scales covering his underbelly. Beast sports the horned snout and back spines of his Blue Dragon lineage, crackling with electricity if he angers or breathes lightning. Beast also carries a maul made from a small tree holding a large boulder with its roots. Beast has no other particularly defining features aside from his yellow eyes and tough hide.


Beast has been wandering around the world of Uladh for most of his life. He speaks to the spirits that guide him on his journey and they have warned him of a grave danger. Machines of ancient origin have begun their activation and he feels that the sequences must be stopped, or at least thoroughly investigated. Beast has these feelings, but knows nothing of the world past the islands of the inner sea. He travels now to learn as much as he can while adhering to the warnings of the Great Spirits.



Beast tends to keep to himself. During his travels, he has encountered the races of the realms and been punished for being what he is. Not fully knowing the Common tongue has severely hindered his progress in finding the machines, so he tries to learn as often as he can by listening to passing conversations or speaking with the Spirits. Beast wonders why the people fear and berate him, but does not question their authority because he does not know this world. Otherwise, Beast is especially tender to animals and attempts to be friendly and patient with the other races regardless of how they treat him.


Usir (Great Bear Spirit)
Aquila (Great Eagle Spirit)


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