Erhard von Gaiseric

Current ruler of Judgral



Theme Song: Caineghis, King of Lions – Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

Race: Human
Titles: The Crimson Lion, The Betrayer, The Lord of Magic, The Earthbreaker
Age: 58
Height: 6’10"
Weight: 270 lbs
Physical Description: Erhard is an extremely large man with an intimidating and imposing presence. Having kept himself in prime condition for many years, Erhard’s silvery hair, bushy beard, and piercing eyes make him seem brutish and violent.


Erhard von Gaiseric was born in Zaubard along with several siblings and aspired to rule at an early age. His unprecedented intelligence was put to good use, as he joined the Jugdrali military at a young age. His fierce personality and tactical genius combined with unparalled strength helped him climb the ranks quickly and eventually landing him in a seat of power.

Having seen the potential for Jugdrali magitech first hand in the War of Might and Magic, Erhard pleaded with his father to continue research into Arcanite, which is what he believed to be the catalyst to push Jugdral into a new era of prosperity. His father, however, insisted that Arcanite could only be fully appreciated in war for weapons use. Erhard, disappointed in his father’s narrow vision, decided to take the future into his own hands.

After assuming a political position where he could lay his plans into motion, Erhard began to act on his goals and successfully staged a brutal assassination on the previous ruler of Jugdral, his father. His father had no plans to allow Erhard to ascend into rulership, so he had taken the throne for himself, intimidating his siblings into helplessly watching as their father was murdered in a deadly standoff in the throne room. He donned his father’s bloodied crown and proclaimed himself the new Praetor of Jugdral, determined to use magitech to protect and secure a prosperous future for his people.

Since coming into power, Erhard has mostly ignored foreign politics, choosing to only focus on what could benefit his own people. He spends his days trying to provide for his people in an unbearing land while further researching and experimenting with new applications for magitech.



Erhard is nothing short of ambitious, calculating, and determined at everything he sets his focus on. His vast intellect ensures his carefully crafted plans always succeed and his magitech inventions are always ground-breakingly innovative.

Erhard has an intense disgust of laziness, believing that those who waste their lives away without accomplishing anything are nothing short of trash. He firmly believes that potential should not be wasted, leading to his fascination with Arcanite. This intense work ethic has imprinted itself on his people, leaving many Jugdrali citizens to be quite skilled or talented at what they focus on. While he appears cold-hearted and cruel, he simply doesn’t concern himself with other people’s opinions, instead choosing to focus on the prosperity of his kingdom.


Having murdered his own father and silenced his own siblings to win his throne, the king of Jugdral does not find himself walking into warm company during meetings with foreigners.
Many nobles speak behind his back, whispers of “a blood-thirsty tyrant” and “a ruthless, greedy man” accompanying terrified glances before quickly turning away.

The ruler of Pellucidar, Kieran Lombardi, seems to have a sort of fascination with Erhard, being one of the few people to greet him warmly during assemblies. The basis of his fascination is hazy and not well known, yet Erhard does not mind the praise. Mevin Scherzinger also does not fear Erhard, believing that Erhard’s might is meager compared to the gods he worships. His unwavering attitude is a refresher for Erhard, and as such makes good company in his opinion.

Alroy Gallagher of Cenel Conaill spends a lot of time attempting to befriend Erhard, yet Erhard is not interested in knowing Alroy farther than an economic contact. Mercedes Braxton of Alfitaria is always seething with rage at the sight of him due to her father being slain in the War of Might and Magic in which Erhard participated in greatly. She blames his magitech innovations for taking her father from her, to which he consistently respond with nothing more but a defiant stare. Mercedes is quite hostile to him, so event organizers are always careful to not have them near one another, lest the War of Might and Magic repeat itself.

Erhard von Gaiseric

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