Gol'Dar Skullsmash

A vicious and savge pack leader



Theme Song:

Occupation: Pack Leader
Titles: Terror of the Irian Plains, The Savage
Age: ?
Height: 6’
Weight: ?

Physical Description:


Not much is known of Gol’Dar’s past, but the many tales of a massive Gnoll uniting the packs of the Irian Plains under an iron fist all lead back to him. Gol’Dar and his pack have made a name for themselves, attacking many a traveler and heartlessly murdering them.

Gol’Dar lead a small army allied with the Bannerless on a massive raid on the city of Novium. They were repelled by the party and the Novium town guard, with Gol’Dar losing his left arm in the aftermath of a bloody duel between him and Alexander Ma’Lamuse. Reeling in pain, he fled the battlefield, losing the Battle of Novium shortly after.




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Gol'Dar Skullsmash

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