Mercedes Braxton

Current ruler of Alfitaria



Race: Half-Elf
Occupation: Ruler of Alfitaria
Titles: The Umbral Bear, Ironfist Warlord, The Sword Saint
Age: 31
Height: 5’ 10"
Weight: 130 lbs
Physical Description: Mercedes stands proudly as a swordsman of her caliber would. Her brunette hair twists slightly as it drapes over her strong yet lithe frame. Piercing blue eyes accompany an annoyed expression, her garb being a mixture of cloth, leather, and armored plating. Her twin swords, Highwind and Longnius, never leave her side.


While she was a little girl, her father was one of the many warriors called to fight against the kingdom of Jugdral in the War of Might and Magic. She was very close to her father and brother, so she was naturally devastated to learn that they were killed by the magitech weaponry Jugdral invented. The event steered Mercedes onto the path of a warrior, training relentlessly to one day avenge the death of her father and brother.

20 years later after her mother had taken over as head of the Braxton house, the Clash of a Thousand Blades was initiated to choose the new ruler of Alfitaria. Mercedes pleaded with her mother to be selected as the house champion. After many denials, she finally received permission to represent the Braxtons in the Clash. During her travels, she slew a savage beast with claws of steel and scales of iron, using its flesh and bones to have her twin blades, Highwind and Longnius, forged by a master Orichan bladesmith.



Mercedes is a no-nonsense hot-head eager to prove her superiority in any aspect. Her lack of forethought has landed her in many a predicament, yet she shows surprising wisdom when probed for her thoughts. Being the current Ironfist Warlord of Alfitaria, her swordmanship is unquestionably the greatest in the world, yet she still leaps at the opportunity to prove it to those who doubt her.


Being the most inexperienced ruler of the five kingdoms, Mercedes looks to her advisers and retainers for wisdom and knowledge. Over her two years of ruling, she has grown very close to Alroy Gallagher of Cenel Conaill. She is also on friendly terms with Kieran Lombardi of Pellucidar. Despite his kingdom’s fondness of magitech, she respects the Pellucidarian way of hard work and building up from one’s roots, giving Mercedes a common ground with Kieran.

Mercedes is not very friendly with Mevin Scherzinger of Avalon, as the Avalonians believe that all men should live as equals. While not supportive of slavery, she sees Avalon as a soft, socialistic kingdom where lazy bums get free rides off of the backs of people who work hard.

Erhard von Gaiseric of Jugdral makes Mercedes’s blood boil at the mere thought of him. Not only is Erhard the ruler of the country that killed her family, he was also directly involved with the magitech weaponry programs Jugdral had implemented to gain frightening powers. Mercedes has been seen yelling and screaming at Erhard, going so far as to draw her blades at him, yet the situations were barely kept from a bloody duel with careful words. During future international conferences, event organizers must take extra precautions to separate the two, as the slightest words from Erhard can set her off again.

Mercedes Braxton

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