Classification: Species
Species: Monstrosity
Habitat: Corpse Pits, Subterranean caverns

Description: Oculoids are a race of creatures that inhabit the depths of the earth. They are a species that can vary depending on their hunting preference, yet all resemble one another regardless of their evolution. They tend to prefer natural caverns, although some have been seen in any region with rugged terrain and cool temperatures.

Physiology: The resemble a large humanoid crouching on all fours, but where its head would be is a terrifying maw with a single eye in the center of its throat. A normal Oculoid Soldier large arms topped with claws and appear sturdy in appearance, while the Assassin types are sleeker with larger mandibles.

Behavior: Oculoids are rather territorial, which can prove problematic if one is to choose to inhabit a cave near civilization. While they do not show immediately aggression, preferring to gather information on a creature before it acts, a creature intruding on an Oculoid lair will usually be met with hostility.

Combat: An Oculoid’s hunting behavior varies vastly on its evolution. A Soldier will prefer to challenge foes head on, overpowering weaker foes with brute force and outmaneuvering tougher opponents using its amazing burrowing capabilities. An Assassin will climb along cave walls and ceilings, leaping at unsuspecting prey for a single, devastating strike.



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