Creed: Strength through Steel

Theme Song: Champion (Ablaze) – Fire Emblem Awakening

Capital City: Oricha
Form of Government: Dictatorship lead by the winner of The Clash of a Thousand Blades
Noble House: Great House Braxton
Current Ruler: Ironfist Warlord Mercedes Braxton
Location: Northeastern Uladh

Kingdom Aspects
Total Population B Great
Racial Diversity D Poor
Overall Wealth C Average
Military Strength A Excellent
Religious Diversity D Poor
Magitech Proficiency E Bad

Local Regions:
Draug’s Flatlands
Ogma’s Reach
Blade Spires
Oricha Edges

Major Settlements:

Population: ~150,000 people
Primary Exports: Alfitarian Steel, skilled mercenaries and swordsmen, stoneworkers
Primary Imports: Wheat, Vegetables, Livestock, Conaillian Iron, Pellucidarian magitech

Description: A warrior’s paradise where one’s potential is bound to their blades, Alfitaria is a kingdom with large mountainous areas nestled between two flatlands. The hostile nature of the terrain combined with vicious creatures makes for a rugged and tough population, with all children taught to defend themselves from bandits and monsters very early ages. They sport the world’s second highest population, although the diversity amongst the people tends to mostly consist of a few races.

Alfitaria is a nation built on war, so religious diversity is not a strong point. Worship is accepted, however few churches may be across the lands. Alfitaria is also slow to utilize magitech into their everyday lives, as a kingdom built on tradition and passed-down knowledge can be hard to change their ways. Still, most larger settlements will have readily available magitech appliances ready to utilize in nearly every building, with smaller villages either being on a very small magitech network or foregoing it entirely.

Alfitaria boasts the most skilled warriors in the entire world. A single Alfitarian mercenary can be a deadly opponent for a group of average warriors. Their martial prowess and almost supernatural techniques were the cornerstone of the ancient Alfitarian kingdom, which was so large it consisted of the continents of Alfitaria and Cenel Conaill until The Cenel Conaill Emancipation divided the kingdoms. While bound by decree to be allies with Cenel Conaill, most Alfitarian and Cenel Conaillian commoners and nobility usually warm up to one another naturally, making for a genuine alliance.

Alfitaria enjoys relative neutrality with Pellucidar and Avalon, yet is locked in a constant state of tension with Judgral due to the aftermath of the War of Might and Magic seeing half of Judgrali territory turned over to Alfitaria.


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