Creed: Through Faith Comes Purpose / Deus Vult!

Theme Song: Skytown Main Theme – Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Capital City: Liberum Lux
Form of Government: Theocracy
Noble House: Great House Scherzinger
Current Ruler: Archdeacon Mevin Scherzinger
Location: Northern Uladh

Kingdom Aspects
Total Population D Poor
Racial Diversity A Excellent
Overall Wealth B Great
Military Strength E Bad
Religious Diversity A Excellent
Magitech Proficiency C Average

Population: ~50,000
Primary Exports: Pilgrims, Religious texts and trinkets
Primary Imports: Wheat, Vegetables, Livestock, Pelucidarian magitech

Local Regions:
God’s Cradle

Major Settlements:
Liberum Lux

Description: While not an industrious kingdom, Avalon is the cornerstone of all spiritual and religious beliefs in Uladh. Being a popular place for travelers to find spiritual enlightenment or a god to answer their pleas, Avalon is a kingdom founded in tolerance, peace, and freedom. They are not pushovers, however, as their volunteer military, while small compared to others, is replete with fanaticism to the gods they claim fight alongside them.

The formal kingdom of Avalon is actually quite young, as their official formation did not occur until after the events of The War of Might and Magic and The Cenel Conaill Emancipation went underway. The events caused more nautical travel to bring more people to the lands, which were already populated with the pious nomads of the old Avalonian lands. The banishment of slavery via The Mandate of Heaven idolized the Avalonian priests in the eyes of many slaves, causing even more people to move to Avalon to be closer with the gods that saved them.

Traveling to Avalon is difficult for those who do not know the way, as both the northern and southern sides of the continent are guarded by enormous mountain ranges called the God’s Cradle by those who live within. However, religious pilgrimages are very popular around Uladh for both the spiritual and secular. Large bands of people journeying to and fro the kingdom become ideal for their safety in larger numbers, members naturally joining and leaving along the way.


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