Creed: Fly High, Fly Far

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Form of Government: Democracy
Noble House: Great House Lombardi
Current Ruler: Radiant Monarch Kieran Lombardi
Location: Northern Central Uladh

Kingdom Aspects
Total Population E Bad
Racial Diversity E Bad
Overall Wealth A Excellent
Military Strength D Poor
Religious Diversity C Average
Magitech Proficiency B Great

Population: ~75,000 people
Primary Exports: Pellucidarian magitech, Exotic rarities, Private military companies
Primary Imports:

Description: Pellucidar is the oldest kingdom of Uladh. Located snuggly in between three kingdoms in northcentral Uladh, Pellucidar is home to some of the oldest noble families in history. Their early unification as a kingdom lead to economic prosperity due to early explorers and settlers sailing from the God’s Cradle of Avalon to the early reaches of the Alfitarian and Jugdrali kingdoms.

The majority of the population consists of elves and humans who settles the lands early on in Uladh’s history. Pellucidarians were also the first to unearth raw Arcanite from the caverns of the surrounding mountains.

All of these factors combined make the average Pellucidarian family very comfortable. Many families enjoy easy lifestyles, sitting on fortunes amassed by their ancestors and working only if desired. Those who wish for more, however, take to the local markets in order to obtain and resell extraordinary items.

Pellucidarian government is run by a council of many diverse noble families called Monarchs. The most respected members are established as the lead mediator of democratic debates. Such mediators are referred to as the Radiant Monarch of the Pellucidarian government. Kieran Lombardi currently holds the title of Radiant Monarch and serves to establish compromises between conflicting parties.

Pellucidar enjoys friendly relations with every kingdom due to established economic agreements with each of them. Cenel Conaill provides them with much needed produce in exchange for discounted magitech engines for powering residential and agricultural resources.


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